bamboo material 1

bamboo material 1

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Bamboo material 1

White Madake bamboo splitted into half.

Size: about 40 cm 

Use:  making chopsticks, rings, tongs, etc.

The  bamboo is ready for harvest when it is 3 to 4 years old.

We do the harvest ourselves from Asahina and Okabe forests in Fujieda city, Shizuoka prefecture, Japan.

We harvest 2 types of bamboo named `Madake‘ and ‘Moso‘-  from 10 different bamboo groves. 

Harvest season is from about October to December,

When the bamboo grove stops to drink rain water from the ground.

After harvest we will cut the bamboo 20 meter long bamboos

In to 4 pieces of 2 meter each.


The next step is boiling the bamboo in a large 2 meter water pot with sodium hydroxide.

This process will drain out the oils and . We wip off the oil from the bamboo surface with wet cloth.

After that the bamboo will dry in the sun and wind for 2 to 3 weeks.

Before packing we add insect repellent treatment.

Our final outcome from this long process is a strong, long lasting beautiful white bamboo with natural glossy skin.

This is the only material we can ship out of Japan - buy it and make your own chopsticks.